Studio Koto

A new playful, natural Fanta

Working in collaboration with the Coca-Cola design team, we re-imagined the Fanta global visual identity. Built on the bold, vibrant and fruity taste of Fanta, we hand-constructed the new logo out of paper and then re-created it in digital form, while simultaneously building the rest of the brand around the visual approach.

One brand, many languages

Fanta is one of the world’s most widely recognised and best-loved beverage brands, so our work had to translate seamlessly into different languages. This meant testing our custom approach to Latin typography by recreating it in the letterforms and logograms of Japanese, Thai, Amharic, Korean and Arabic.

More than an orange

Fanta comes in a seemingly endless selection of flavours globally, reflecting every corner of the world. We created 42 handcrafted fruit depictions, getting to know our pomelos from our guaranas in the process.

Not just a pretty face

Working closely with London type foundry Colophon, we created a bespoke three weight Fanta typeface drawn from the bold, vibrant brand. To round it off, we hand-drew 56 fruit-based emojis for Fanta’s own twist on these globally recognised symbols.

Thank you

We'd like to say a big thanks to Rapha, Craig, Matt and the rest of the Fanta team.


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