Studio Koto

Rethink learning with Obby

With passionate teachers and inspiring environments, Obby is on a mission to get everyone to rethink learning. The platform supports a fast-expanding range of subjects, from ceramics right through to butchery. These aren’t tedious evening classes or throwaway one-off ‘experiences.’ Each class is properly hands-on. Not only do you learn something, you have a good time while you’re at it.

Where passion meets expertise

Anyone with the right knowledge of a subject can join Obby’s pool of teachers, and those eager to learn can take one of their classes. The new identity celebrates this vibrant community of talented, interested people. It centres on an illustration style that shows Obby teachers passing on their skills and love for their subject. This also acts as a useful system for categorising and showcasing the thousands of classes on offer.

A hands-on identity system

The new brand is bold, energised and focused. It avoids all sense of worthiness or seriousness that often accompanies adult learning, while still feeling both accessible and expert. 
An identity system based on badges keeps people coming back for more – motivating them to hone their skills in a particular subject or to try something else entirely. Each experience is further brought to life though eye-catching online guides and high-quality photography of real classes taking place. Thanks to Max, Tom and the rest of the team at Obby.