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Venmo is the leading P2P payment platform in the U.S. It lets friends transfer money to each other and see payments others are making on the app’s social feed. Recently, Venmo expanded to be more than just a way to pay friends, and wanted their brand to evolve and match their growing platform. We worked with Venmo to refresh their visual identity to better reflect the true spirit of the brand, match the energy of their users and the experiences they share, and to tell the full Venmo story in more creative ways.

Every payment tells a story

Since day one, Venmo’s users have made it what it is. That’s why we’ve evolved the brand to celebrate the story behind a payment. Dinner tabs. A dollar to say hi. Last-minute concert tickets. The $6.8M spend on 🍕 last year alone. It’s an identity that reflects the real-life experiences users share – from the everyday to the totally random.

Evolving colours and typography

The new electric blue retains the heritage of the original Venmo blue. It’s been tweaked to work harder and more consistently across all applications, on screen and off. A broader palette of complementary colours now sits alongside it. With its flexibility to be either bold or controlled, Athletics is the perfect typeface for Venmo, more than matching the energy of the rest of the brand. Scto Grotesk is a more functional secondary partner that still holds its own.

Bringing the Venmo community to life

Created in collaboration with Sebastian Curi, the new set of illustrations bring to life all the many experiences behind Venmo payments, from road trips to ramen.

A flexible design system

Already a key part of the product experience, we’ve rendered the Venmo payment feed as a graphic framework. This allows us to represent the app experience – and all the daily payments – in fresh and interesting ways.

With thanks to

We couldn’t have done it without Lucy, Kelly, Evelyn, and all the team at Venmo. And, of course, the hugely talented Sebastian Curi.