What began as a subscription box for conscious consumers has become a platform for supporting women worldwide. Small changes add up when we come together, and Alltrue believes that the community they build – one of shared values and conscious choices – can benefit everyone. By being a source of encouragement, inspiration, and just plain good, the everyday choices we make together have the power to change the future of global consumption.

Koto worked with the team on a full rebrand — complete with a custom flag — creating a system that reflects Alltrue’s commitment to lifting women up and standing for all good things.

We knew immediately that Alltrue had big plans — for their community and the future of consumerism. Considering their many initiatives beyond the original subscription box, we landed on an aspirational strategic vision: Uniting the world for good. They support worldwide artisans with fair trade wages, offer literacy training and other benefits, plus boast a seasonal artist residency program. It seemed fitting.

The flag

We developed the Alltrue Flag as a universal symbol for good — representing the team’s values and commitment to community. A flag can define a place and group of people, or demonstrate a pride or belief in something. Most importantly, it communicates something that language alone cannot. This flag is a powerful symbol that members and partners can belong to, be proud of, and make their own.

Good intentions

Simple in composition, significant in meaning. The bottom left section symbolizes community, holding everything up as a strong foundation. The top right represents the hope for goodness in the world. It leans up and to the right for the most optimistic layout. In the center is a split circle. In color, it represents the world: earth, sky, and ocean. In shape, it embodies supporting a movement of global good. Together, these shapes and colors represent the full spectrum of what Alltrue stands for.

A is for Alltrue

We loved the optimism and approachability of Recoleta, and worked with Latinotype to create a custom cut specifically for Alltrue.

Earth tones

Our color palette is rooted in nature and earth, reflecting the company’s conscious philosophy and commitments to environmental kindness.

A seasonal showcase

A highlight of Alltrue’s existing brand is their seasonal illustrations, created by female artists from around the world. We worked with the team to establish guidelines that honor individuality while maintaining brand consistency.

Ship it

Alltrue’s box is where it all started. This seasonal package is the cornerstone of the brand experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to pull all the brand elements together, while giving the seasonal illustrator their moment.

With thanks

To Matt, Salpy, Brett, Antra, Katie, and everyone else on the Alltrue crew.