A brand designed for the future

Nexar is the world’s smartest dash-cam on a mission to create a global safe-driving system for safer cities and zero road fatalities. Using AI and Computer Vision, their person-to-person technology takes the roof off our vehicles and joins every driver together to create a network that lets everyone on the road move as one, and making driving as effortless as possible.

Amplifying the intangible

We worked with Nexar to develop and deliver a holistic brand experience, including a visual identity and strategic framework that embodied the brand idea of ‘Move as One’. The identity amplifies the future-focused ambitions of the business and positions them as an industry leader providing a seamless experience demonstrating safety, confidence, and assurance.

Guided by the lights

Each touchpoint had to evoke the tone of trust and intuition of the mission: to transform each car journey into an enriching and re-humanising experience. We created expressive and subtle gradients that mimic the feeling of city lights at night, which work as the background for the brand’s personality as a ‘super sidekick’ to stand out against.

Clarity of information

We collaborated with Displaay to create a bespoke typeface designed to express the cutting-edge technology Nexar employs. Subtle details contrast harmoniously with bolder components to create a compelling brand typeface to carry the messaging that positions Nexar as a digital first brand.


With offices all over the globe, we were asked to deliver a standalone micro-site in place of a traditional guideline document. We worked with Sennep to design, develop, and build this ever-changing brand repository that grows as the brand grows, providing instant access and removing the need to constantly download and replace crucial brand assets.

With thanks

To Maya, Eran, Bruno, Lucy, and the rest of the Nexar team in Tel Aviv, New York, and San Francisco.