1.0 Who are we?

We’re optimists building brand and digital for the most impactful companies of today and the founders defining tomorrow.

2.0 How?

We work how you work: adapting our process to meet yours—with co-creation non-negotiable.


We author or evolve brand strategy that differentiates and dictates meaningful visual and verbal identities.

Brand Idea
Strategic Framework
Brand Architecture
Brand IdeaStrategic FrameworkBrand Architecture


We uncover insights and align on a visual and verbal vision to build idea-driven world-class brands.

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Tone of Voice
Brand IdentityNamingIllustrationArt DirectionTypographyTone of Voice


We codify everything we craft—applying creative to any execution and working alongside you for whatever comes next.


3.0 Сollaborators

We partner with businesses of any size or sector: from first round of funding to every subsequent stage of growth.

4.0 Team

We are a group of curious optimists building world-class brands.
  • Alex Monger Managing Director
  • Alice Walker Senior Strategy Director
  • Amy Hayden Global C-Suite Executive Assistant
  • Angela Yu Senior Designer
  • Anne Vent Client Services Director
  • Anton Gammershmidt Motion Designer
  • Arthur Foliard Creative Director
  • Bee Tamboli Designer
  • Bex Innes People Director
  • Braulio Campos Ku Designer
  • Caroline Fox Creative Director
  • Caroline Jay Group Financial Controller
  • Caroline Matthews Chief Operating Officer
  • Carolyn Rush Senior Strategy Director
  • Cassidy Moriarty Strategy Director
  • Catherine Hill Senior Strategist
  • Chris Letourneau Client Services Director
  • Courtney Gordon Client Director
  • Damian Borchok Managing Director
  • Dan Witchell Executive Creative Director
  • Danni Freeman Client Director
  • Dave Ladd Executive Creative Director
  • Deanna German Creative Director
  • Dido Brewster Strategist
  • Dylan Young Designer
  • Emma Law Client Director
  • Flynn Baynes Midweight Designer
  • Fred North Creative Director
  • Gerald Torto Senior Strategy Director
  • Giselle Childs Senior Strategist
  • Glynis Hutamarez Client Director
  • Goda Gorodnicevaite Designer
  • Hannah MacKinnon Client Manager
  • Harrison Dew Designer Director
  • Ingrid Tagel Assistant Management Accountant
  • Isabelle Junge Senior Designer
  • Isobel Green EA and Studio Co-ordinator
  • Jack Gladstone Senior Designer
  • Jake Khan Strategist
  • Jimmy Huson Senior Motion Designer
  • James Greenfield Chief Executive Officer
  • Jay Bateman Senior Management Accountant
  • Joe Ling Creative Director
  • Joshua Osborne Art Director
  • Jowey Roden Chief Creative Officer
  • Julie Dittrich Office Manager
  • Katey Harvey Managing Director
  • Kayla Watson Senior Designer
  • Kim Bourne-Hallett Client Director
  • Kyle Toukatly Senior Designer
  • Lauren Fogelstrom Client Manager
  • Lauren Garrahy Studio Manager
  • Lauren Postlethwaite Strategist
  • Lily Dent Designer
  • Lily Green Designer
  • Luke Dodridge Design Director
  • Maria Mungumabe Junior Motion Designer
  • Marius Trinkunas Designer
  • Meghan Armstrong Senior Designer
  • Natalie Tobias Strategist
  • Niall Unger Illustrator
  • Nick Leatham Chief Financial Officer
  • Nicolas Breuil Marketing & Business Development Director
  • North Bryan Design Director
  • Patrick Kolstad Client Director
  • Phoebe Roberts Client Executive
  • Rose Kerr Client Director
  • Sam Howard Creative Director
  • Sam Peitz Designer
  • Santi Avila Motion Design Director
  • Saul Logan Design Director
  • Shiqing Shu Junior Designer
  • Sienna Mark-Brown Senior Designer
  • Simon Kearney Senior Strategy Director
  • Stephanie Hinds Client Services Director
  • Tom Hoare Senior Copywriter
  • Tom Moloney Senior Strategy Director
  • Tomasz Wysocki Senior Motion Designer
  • Vanessa Hopkins Designer
  • Wyatt Turner Copywriter
  • Zoe Schneider Designer