Bridge Theatre – 2016

Paws – 2018

Obby – 2018

Coke – 2016

BlaBlaCar – 2018

Airbnb Trips – 2016

Sonos – 2018

Gumtree – 2016

Airbnb Open – 2016

Airbnb Plus – 2018

Fanta – 2016

Farewill – 2017

Taster – 2018

Tessian – 2018

We make things come alive

Any brand can look good. But in today’s crowded market only those that can make – and keep – a real connection with customers will truly thrive. This is what we deliver for the brands that we work with. We were founded on the belief that good design and powerful ideas can create a lasting emotional experience between a brand and its audiences. And we’re here to do just that.

Who is Koto?

We’re an optimistic group of designers, strategists and writers supported by a dedicated client services team. Proudly independent, we work at the intersection of brand and digital from our studios in Berlin, London and Los Angeles. Helping the world’s best brands become even better.

What we believe

Our values keep us moving forward. They express who we are as people and the difference we bring to any partnership. Uncompromising Positivity keeps us open and eager, ready to question received wisdom as we uncover the right solution. Just Cadence reflects our agile approach to the creative process and the importance of finding the right rhythm. Relentless Hustle pushes us to harness our collective energy and embrace the unknown, drawing on our shared talents to achieve results that make us proud.

Who we love to work with

For us, it’s important to be sector agnostic. We work with businesses of all scales, from start-ups raising their first funding to global household names. What do they all have in common? Nothing, except an exciting outlook and the ambition to go the distance. If this is you, then get in touch with our Creative Directors.

Recent Work

You can find four of our latest projects here.
To check out even more, head over to our Tumblr.


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