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Partech: Stories of tomorrow

The year is 2023. In a landscape of stock imagery and hyperbolic claims, all VCs look and sound the same. Enter Partech – the dependable but daring VC.
 They’re unafraid to take risks, make their own luck, and do things differently. But alongside their daring approach, they’re also a solid partner that’s experienced, level-headed, and smart.

De-Extinction: Once Upon A Time

De-Extinction believes that sustainable choices should be simple choices. We built a brand inspired by a time long, long ago — bringing back the dinosaurs to serve as a playful but rebellious reminder of the situation we’re in.

Kikin: Backing Better Business

Kikin believe that access to information and early stage funding shouldn’t mean equity dilution for founders – they back better business, and a brighter future for people and planet. So we created a brand for them with humanity at its heart.

Aqemia: Infinite drug discoveries

Aqemia is leading a new era of pharmaceutical development. Fusing artificial intelligence with quantum inspired physics, it transcends the margins of possibility. We built a brand around the idea ‘The New Frontier’, an idea that makes biotech feel as epic and exciting as space discovery.

Glassdoor: Where work talk gets real

Glassdoor is the largest job search and career insight platform, providing a clear look into companies, salaries, and culture. Our work focused on shifting the experience from being a destination purely for insights, into a community for real work talk.

Amp: Find Your Voice

Amp is the live radio app, born out of Amazon Music. Together with their team, we developed the strategy, tone of voice and visual identity. By highlighting individual voices and championing diverse interests, our identity encourages creators and listeners to share their passions with the world.

Sock: Your first step into crypto

Sock is disrupting the cold and futuristic crypto landscape by creating a safe and secure app to buy and trade crypto. A place for web3 natives and novices to access guidance, news, and every kind of crypto conversation. Inspired by the playfulness in the name, we built a brand that was accessible, inviting, and warm—a trust-powered and community-driven product for everyone to be part of. Buy, sell, trade, talk, Sock.

Sydney, Koto 🤝 Koto, Sydney

Our Sydney studio is a continuation of our vision to build the world’s most iconic brands, in the world’s most iconic places.Want to work with us? Want to join us? → [email protected]

Tropic: Branding the food system of tomorrow

Tropic makes tropical crops easier to cultivate, healthier and more sustainable. The previous brand leant heavily into the technological and scientific aspects of their work, but we’ve repositioned them as a business working at the forefront of food security. The new brand celebrates their commitment to tropical farmers, and their work feeding growing global populations.

Airtasker: Let's do this!

Say goodbye to bad DIY.  To garden shame. To bodging it. Airtasker is the place that gives you the power to get things done, by connecting you to a crew of people with the skills you need.

Meridian: for hair, anywhere

Meridian is challenging preconceived notions of haircare. We built a system that champions body positivity and inclusivity, owning the idea of revamping your routine and your relationship with hair—everywhere.

Replay: The future of genomic medicine

Replay is a genome writing company, one that’s defining the future of gene therapy through the writing and delivery of big DNA. We dissected their brand into a new strategy, story, look, feel and web experience; all revolving around ‘reprogramming biology to solve life’s greatest puzzles’.

Elodie: People, not platforms

In a pay-to-win world where you’re often locked to your console—and your console only—Elodie designs games for people, not platforms. With the gaming meta historically being explosion-heavy and war-torn, Elodie subverts the expected by creating an ecosystem that’s easy for anyone to hop into on any gaming device.

Bolt by name. Bolt by nature.

Bolt’s shockingly simple checkout means no more abandoned carts, and way more lightning-fast shopping. Check out our energetic new brand for Bolt now!

Now speaking: anyone, anywhere

WhatsApp is not a social media tool. It’s a secure, intimate product designed to give anyone—anywhere in the world—the ability to connect and enact change. We partnered with WhatsApp to evolve their brand, developing a universal design system that deepens the connection between product experience and marketing.

New studio. New people. New York.

It’s time for something new. Our New York studio is a continuation of our vision to build the world’s most iconic brands, in the world’s most iconic places. Join us → [email protected]

All boxed up

Boxy is the automated grocery store in a shipping container that’s popping up all over France. We collaborated with Boxy’s founding team on a brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity that communicates the magical convenience of the Boxy experience.

Subtract the noise

Well+Being, the new personal health section from The Washington Post, provides some much-needed clarity in a sea of uncertainty with articles from trusted neuroscientists, psychologists, nutritionists, doctors, and more. We created a campaign that cleared out the clutter and made room for the experts.

Searching for sustainability

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. We helped them with a rebrand that emphasized ‘never neutral’ – an identity that inspires positive action for the planet. As our partnership grew, we also helped plant 20,000 new trees.

What makes a good name?

Every good name should start with a story. It makes the name feel meaningful; transforming it from letters on a page into something that can really capture the imagination.

Decentralized branding

To make the Polkadot rebrand feel as open source as possible, we worked with their elected participants to define two creative routes. Members of the Polkadot community then voted on-chain to decide the final brand execution.

Meet Meati

Meati is a delicious meat alternative derived from mycelium: a nutrient-rich mushroom root that makes you feel good about what you’re putting into your body. Together, we built a brand inspired by the idea of good energy, positioning Meati as radiating positivity, and a rallying cry for a healthy planet.

We’ve got your health covered. In chocolate.

For Misfits, we created a new look that raises the bar. A brand system jam-packed with plant-powered, sustainable, chewable energy, for a snacc choc-full of flavor.

Anyone's game

Z League is an online platform for people who love to play games, and play to win. We partnered with them to build a brand that positions Z League as the destination for fun, competitive play, where it’s truly anyone’s game.

A cinematic language

Netflix approached us to inject graphic cinematic language across their product experience and beyond. We evolved their previous system by connecting iconography, typography, and illustration to roots within the cinematic universe, referencing effects and techniques reminiscent of the filmmaking process—in a way that feels immediately Netflix.

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