Bolt: Shockingly simple


The speed of a click is a marvel. It takes about 50 milliseconds for a full click to be performed, and in that brief glimpse of time an entire world comes alive. A database has been updated, a ticket has been printed, an order is being packed. All of this thanks to the power of a single click.⁣ Bolt’s shockingly simple checkout means no more abandoned carts, and way more lightning-fast shopping.

To bring this vision to life, we looked at every possible brand expression: from logo and custom typography all the way through motion principles, photography style, product UX/UI, marketing assets, internal comms, and a full launch campaign. Along the way we developed a new art direction and illustration style, as well as a unique sonic brand that brings Bolt into yet another dimension. Every element of the final system reflects the speed of a click, resulting in a brand that is Bolt by name, and bolt by nature.⁣

Thank you

Huge thanks to our Bolt family—Meg, Jason, Andrew, and Rosi—for the incredible partnership on this project.