As the use of AI continues to evolve, the latest release from Microsoft takes the technology to new heights. Microsoft approached us to help develop their identity for Copilot+PC, a new class of PCs powered by AI and with Copilot built in.

The brand is built on the idea of “Illumination through AI,” positioning the power of AI as seamlessly integrated into daily life. In a world where AI is often depicted by using dark tones or by drawing on magic and mysticism, Microsoft offers a different narrative. Copilot+ PCs aim to make life brighter: by lightening workloads, enhancing human creativity, and illuminating the day-to-day.

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Defining a new era for AI

Inspired by the gradients of the Copilot logo, the system uses illumination as a metaphor for AI’s role in enhancing daily life. The colour spaces are drawn from natural light through different times of day, and typography embeds these spaces with subtle sheen. Art direction further emulates different times of day to bring the system to life.

Using the UI

The system integrates the Copilot+ PC UI as a core design element of the identity. By tying directly to the product, the glassy prompt language works as a unique signature for Microsoft’s approach to AI, whilst also educating users on the experience itself. The illuminated treatment adds a sense of depth, sophistication, and tangibility.

Building the system

Koto developed and codified a robust motion design system and art direction, with guidelines across all moving image touchpoints. The approach captures the idea of a new dawn, using natural light to represent Microsoft AI and further bring to life the core concept of illumination. The brand language allows for flexibility and cohesive visual storytelling across multiple cross-channel environments including OOH, in-store POS, marketing, web, and social media.

Thank you

Special shoutout to the Microsoft Team for our ongoing collaboration.
Renders & art direction by the superstars at Buck.
And product demo animations by the crew at Passerine.