Meet Larry

Fat Llama are redefining how we view ownership. How? By making it simple to lend out your belongings that are gathering dust to make some extra cash or borrow something you really need. Introducing Larry, the friendly face of Llama. He’s there to help you own less, but has what you need when you need it.

Standing Proud

Fat Llama are proud of being different, so the identity needed to reflect their youthful and ambitious attitude. We gave Larry space to roam and add his personality to the brand. His multiple poses and expressions are used to build scenes illustrating the exciting things you can borrow and lend. To complement Larry, we created a soft fluid graphic language taken from his fur. The bright pastel palette conveys the optimism behind Fat Llama.

“Working with Koto has been incredible. Their work has played a huge part in how companies like Airbnb have moved the peer-to-peer space forwards. For Koto, getting hands-on with our brand meant researching the social behaviors of llamas one day, and impersonating them the next – if you want to hear the voice of ‘Larry’, just ask them.”

Rosie Dallas — Fat Llama Co-Founder

With thanks

This identity was created in collaboration with Rosie, Chaz, Tim, and the rest of the Fat Llama team. Animation by Griff.