Life On Max

Typical loyalty programs save their best perks for their biggest spenders. And they’re designed to be confusing. Shoppers miss out on an estimated $121 billion in unclaimed rewards every year.

With Fluz you get cashback on every spend you make, but you also get cashback whenever someone in your network spends with Fluz. So when one person gets more, everyone gets more. Our work captures this winning feeling.

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For Fintech


Loyalty program, banking app, social network — Fluz is easy to use but not so easy to define. Our strategic challenge was to communicate its power in simple terms. The entire experience is geared towards giving ordinary people more, so we developed a clear North Star: help everyone maximize their money. And, because shared purchasing power is Fluz’s secret sauce, we defined it as a ‘collaborative earning app.’


Fluz is everyday life, dialed way up. It’s a state of mind celebrated in our brand idea, Life On Max. This inspired a brand personality, the Magical Maverick, and a brand experience that’s gamified and full of possibility, where ordinary people can flex like VIPs. There’s a bold ‘maximized’ wordmark, a candy-colored gradient palette and an application of Greed Condensed designed to stop you in your tracks. What does life on max feel like? In the new brand, art direction and illustration come together in surreal scenes. Illustrated landscapes provide the backdrop for a maxed world, while an eclectic mix of object illustrations reflect the major purchasing power that Fluz unlocks for its people.


Empowering, legitimate, larger than life. These are the new Fluz brand voice principles and they inspire brand copy that’s sparky and aspirational. They work for practical messaging about Fluz’s financial features and flex for social moments like Fluz Parties. All wrapped up in a comms framework that delivers on point messaging regardless of channel or customer profile.


We worked closely with the Fluz product team to make sure the new brand was seamlessly integrated throughout the app experience. This involved making sure the new brand’s presence was felt, but not that it was so in-your-face that it obscured functionality. Our ambition was to create something memorable but totally usable.

Thank you

A massive thank you to the amazing Fluz team, from Founder and CEO Maurice, to Eric, Danni, Sophia, Boaz, Michelle, athe rest of the team, who have been the most incredible partners since 2021.