The joy of selling

Shpock is a local marketplace app that has been downloaded more than 50 million times across Europe. To build on its success, Shpock was shifting from local to nationwide transactions, focusing on tech and fashion items, while introducing more safety features. Shpock needed a new strategy, brand, and tagline to communicate the changes, while capturing its playful spirit.

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The Joy of Selling

To articulate Shpock’s ambition to make selling effortless and enjoyable, we defined a strategic framework centred around our brand idea and tagline – ‘The Joy of Selling’. This was our springboard for the new brand. Users can expect a playful and enthusiastic tone that reflects its evolution from a local classifieds board to a nationwide marketplace.

Capturing that ‘sold-it’ feeling

Our photography represents the community with expressive portraits that emphasize the joy of the perfect find, or making some cash. We pair these with cut-out images of the products, creating compelling compositions that communicate both the functional (the item) and emotional (the person).

The Shparkle

We created the Shparkle, a visual manifestation of joy that adds playful moments to communications. The Shparkle also captures the idea of movement that’s inherent to buying and selling, while elevating items and connecting them with the joy they bring.

Giving a pre-used typeface new purpose

True to the Shpock spirit, we collaborated with Colophon to create a bespoke typeface by repurposing a pre-used one. We designed the typeface to express the joyful world of selling and buying, creating new glyphs that represent a smile.

Ready for the future

“With our all-new look, we can communicate what makes Shpock so special. From our bold new font to the fun and playful Shparkle, our new brand will bring a smile to new and existing users as they experience the joy of selling.”

Esteve Jané — Shpock CEO

With thanks

To Alexandra, Fabio, Bea, Esteve, Dan, Joao, Aftab, and everyone else at Shpock.