Partech: Stories of tomorrow


The year is 2023. In a landscape of stock imagery and hyperbolic claims, all VCs look and sound the same.

Enter Partech – the dependable but daring VC.
 They’re unafraid to take risks, make their own luck, and do things differently.
But alongside their daring approach, they’re also a solid partner that’s experienced, level-headed, and smart.


Partech is an active partner to founders all over the world creating the most inspiring companies of tomorrow. The brand acts as a vessel to tell vivid and varied stories, harnessing storytelling techniques from cinema and beyond to champion the highs and lows of the journey.

We took the idea of dramatisation and storytelling to create the daring and dependable brand personality of ‘The Reliable Narrator’. This was able to differentiate the brand in an otherwise uninspired market.


The visual identity takes inspiration from French cinema and the act of storytelling, with the wordmark inspired by the typographic title sequences found in the films of Jean-Luc Godard.

From this, we created a stylised pilcrow – a symbol that traditionally denotes the start and end of a story. We extended this concept to our photography, giving it a cinematic look and feel to turn the team into the stars of the show. The digital experience takes visual cues from title sequences and screenplay formatting, whilst the website homepage feels movie trailer-esque to express the idea of perspective and focus.


Partech have been helping define the future of tech for over 40 years. So, it was only fitting we helped them to use AI to generate certain assets. We created a system to produce AI-generated images efficiently and accurately. The secret? It’s all in the prompt – its structure, phrasing, and clarity. After some interesting experimentation, we set the formula in stone which gave the internal team the ability to generate consistent results even when fielding more complex and nuanced requests.


With special thanks to

Thank you to Keji, Boris, Omri, Phillipe, Reza and so many others from the Partech team.