Airtasker: Say goodbye to bad DIY


Say goodbye to bad DIY.  To garden shame. To bodging it. Airtasker is the place that gives you the power to get things done, by connecting you to a crew of people with the skills you need.

With a community that’s up to any job, Airtasker needs an identity that is too. From the brand idea of ‘Let’s do this!’ we worked with them to create something bold, confident and full of can-do energy.


Messaging that multitasks

One hero of the brand is typography and tone of voice. It’s grounded in our go-getter spirit and delivered through a dynamic typographic system. No job is too big or too small. It brings energy and action to high-impact brand moments, while seamlessly delivering clarity across the app experience.


Putting the brand to work

As part of the project we took the brand out of the digital experience and into the real world of Taskers. A tone of voice grounded in our go-getter spirit alongside our illustrations add character and storytelling across social. Simple physical assets stand out with the iconic blue and Airtasker winged ‘A’.


A new lease of life

Airtasker are well-known in Australia with a lot of brand recognition in their winged ‘A’ logo. The new wordmark stays true to this heritage, but moves it on with an updated, characterful interpretation of the wing that appears at multiple points.


With special thanks to

Ange, James and Tim our great partners on this project.