BlaBla: Connect with people going your way.


The compelling experience at the heart of carpooling with BlaBlaCar, is the ability to travel to hard-to-reach places easily and cheaply, while making meaningful personal connections along the way. From city-to-city. From city-to-town-to-village. From a village to the middle of nowhere. Across borders. Around the world. In 2020, 50 million passengers across 22 markets used the service. We worked with BlaBlaCar to build a brand that reflects their status as a trusted and affordable travel option.

A logo for everyone

The two b’s from BlaBlaCar are drawn into a simple speech mark: a universal shorthand for social interaction.The overlap between them reflects the two sides of the passenger-driver experience and the connections made during a journey. By delivering a simple idea that uses a symbol to transcend language, we created a BlaBlaCar brand that can work across the many markets in which it operates.

Beyond the car

Through a powerful combination of photography, illustration, and messaging we’ve built a flexible brand that not only reflects the simplicity of the travel experience, but also the broad diversity of the community. More recently we have worked with the team as they expanded into the world of buses to create the BlaBlaBus brand.

“The weeks Koto spent traveling with our service to meet our members, and the dozens of interviews they conducted with the teams, have successfully shaped their understanding of our company, our values, and the way we change the world. The new brand is both modern and inspirational. As I immediately said on the very first day they showed us the new identity: it simply is brilliant.”

Frédéric Mazzella — Founder and President of BlaBlaCar

With thanks

Thanks to Fred, Nico, Francis, and the whole BlaBlaCar team from across the years.