Brewbike: Cold brew. Bold crew.


Brewbike is on a mission to support tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs through cold brew coffee. By empowering students to start and run their own on-campus micro-business, they’re encouraging employees to build invaluable skills for life after graduation. We reimagined a brand that puts the power of entrepreneurship into students’ hands with the energy and optimism of higher education.

Turning students into leaders

From the start, we knew Brewbike was onto something special. Instead of a top-down approach, they’re handing the keys to students and preparing them for the real world. Our collaborative strategy process revealed their far-reaching vision: Changing the future of business for the future of us all.

Brewbike needed a company mission that would rally teammates and inspire customers. We believe “by turning students into leaders, we don’t get young people ready for the real world, we get them ready to change it.” This strategy became the springboard for Brewbike’s energetic, authentic, sometimes cheeky personality.

Steeped in university culture

Our primary colors tell the story of Brewbike’s marquee cold brew product, aptly named “With Milk” and “No Milk.” The highlighter color palette is inspired by bold college colors that combine the energy of a new generation with the tradition of school spirit.

Repping the brew crew

Brewbike was born on a college campus, so it was only right to create a mascot. The Brew Bean is Brewbike’s personal signature that embodies their bright, energetic, down-for-the-ride teammates who are changing the world and having fun while doing it.

Cool beans

Alongside our main Brew Bean, we created a collection of beans that add a touch of playfulness, quirk, and edge to the brand. We delivered over 50 beans that are expressive, university-themed, dressed for a day out, or just straight up chillin’.

Run by students

Photography captures the spirit of our students and the ambition of our cold brew crews. Positive and energetic, high flash and attitudinal, authentic and candid. The art direction celebratesthe students, teams, and individuals who keep the Brewbike community going. It captures the essence of what makes Brewbike special.

Coffee talk

The voice is bold, playful, and passionate — a reflection of the coffee and the team behind it, with a thematic nod to Brewbike’s greatest investment: students. Our copy exploration has served as a foundation for the brand’s tone as they expand their digital and physical presence.

Making their mark

The number of Brewbike university locations is growing nationwide, so it was important to consider how each school could make this brand their own, on campus and online. Our marker language – used to highlight and emphasize brand elements – is an expressive nod to studying hours on end, using colors specific to each university.

With thanks

Shout out to our Brewbike crew. David, Randy, Sierra, Lucas and everyone that brought the energy and caffeine to makethis happen. Thanks to Blair and Rhiannon from Where Giants Roam helping make the bags look as good as the cold brew tastes.