De-Extinction: Once Upon A Time


Our partners at De-Extinction came to us determined to challenge the status quo in disposable packaged goods. Fueled by a desire for change, a distaste for empty promises and the will to tackle the industry head-on we took the first steps down this path together.

We inherited a space that looked visually bland and verbally formulaic, creating a transactional look and feel that lacked the personality and charisma we felt the cause needed.

We needed a way to distinguish ourselves from the sea of sameness, to make sustainability a concept that drove change rather than an empty platitude.

We looked at the different ways we could achieve this before landing on an ambitious route forward.

Taking inspiration from movements and protest across the world we landed on a unique way to get our message across that felt as true to our company and category as it did to the cultural moment.

So, we brought back the dinos to warn us about the risks we face. Complimenting their vibrancy and expression with a color palette and typeface that match that urgency. The name – created by Koto – aptly captures this ethos and desire for action perfectly.

Huge thanks to the De-Extinction founders — Forrest and Chad — for the incredible partnership on this project.