Fiverr: Where the world works


Once upon a time Fiverr was a novelty marketplace where everything cost $5. These days it’s a global multi-billion dollar freelance marketplace driving the workplace revolution. With an identity that changed with each new marketing campaign, the Fiverr team saw this as an opportunity to work with us to consolidate their brand and reaffirm what they stand for – passionately levelling the playing field – a sentiment we fully support.

The new brand starts here

The key asset we created is a new bespoke wordmarque. Understated yet distinctive, the aim was for it to be a strong and confident sign off for the ever-growing brand. We also created an ‘fi’ ligature, designed to work as a clear and clean shorthand where needed, like on social channels and app icons and within the mobile experience. Both of these elements are supported by an evolved colour palette which moves away from a singular brand green to a broader, distinctive set.

A tale of two voices

We created a new brand tone of voice that’s warm, but businesslike, celebrating the connections and creative moments that happen every minute on the platform. This demanded a total typographic refresh. We chose Klim’s Domaine and TightType’s Macan to introduce these contrasting and connected voices. They work together in a strong typographic system, so that they can look as good together as they do individually. Combining them in applications creates the ability to emphasize information and also to express different voices.

Capturing the community spirit

We partnered with photographer Jai Lennard to capture real users from the ever-growing Fiverr community. We delivered two styles of photography — heroic portraiture and lifestyle imagery — both of which feel natural, relaxed, and celebratory. It gives Fiverr the opportunity to document the real people behind the platform.

With thanks

To the awesome Fiverr team – Duncan, Gali, Micha, Nadav and Zach – and everyone else we worked with.