Glassdoor: Real work talk


Glassdoor is the largest job search and career insight platform, providing a real look into companies, salaries, and culture. Our work with their team focused on shifting the experience from being a destination purely for insights, into a community for real workplace talk. Together, we built a holistic brand that exudes confidence and open-mindedness, amplifying users’ voices through transparent conversation.

The new logo brings the positioning—Real work talk—to life: the name being the center of workplace conversations, with g/d-shaped quotations flanking the wordmark. The all-caps treatment of the type is a direct and fresh departure, standing tall and door-like, swinging open when animated.

Illustrating our community

To further the aspect of community, we partnered with Josep Puy to create a playfully sophisticated illustration library, bringing to life the key themes of conversation, diversity, anonymity, and collaboration in product and marketing.

From copier to company

The concept for Glassdoor came from an incident whereby employee salaries were left (and found) on a copier machine. This story inspired much of our strategic and verbal work, making transparency the center of the brand—including real conversations and insights as a part of the tone.

The new green

Glassdoor has always been a green brand. Building on this iconic green, we developed a set of secondary colors inspired by standard office copier papers, and the diverse voices of the Glassdoor community—amplifying the digital product experience.

Fresh and functional

To redefine a brand like Glassdoor, we had to reinvent the product experience. We built a custom typeface and a set of interactive icons that complement the wordmark and humanize the product.

Transparent data

With the incredible amount of information Glassdoor provides its members, there needed to be a direct and easy-to-understand approach to data visualization. The new brand system highlights the most salient data through fresh infographics, illustrative storytelling, and a motion system inspired by the product experience: typing; scrolling; revealing.

Thank you

Thank you to Tim, Eric, and so many others from the Glassdoor team—as well as Josep Puy for the illustrations and TYPE01 and Giulia Boggio for the custom typeface. Let’s keep making work talk real.