Huma: Improving lives the world over

A world where every person lives their life to the fullest

Today, billions of lives are cut short by illness. By analysing and understanding the data we individually generate, Huma is empowering scientists, technologists, and healthcare professionals to understand, treat and ultimately prevent ill health. We worked with Huma to create a new name and build a brand, strategy, website, and product experience that reflects the company’s values and vision.

A human-centered name and symbol

The huma bird is a benevolent and lucky mythological creature, a symbol of Persian history. Intentionally related to the word human, ‘Huma’ embodies the company’s dedication to humanity and its work in revolutionizing healthcare. Likewise, the symbol has been designed with an innate human spirit. The form is based upon the proportions of The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, a universal symbol of humankind. Both the new name and symbol reflect Huma’s dedication to improving the lives of people everywhere.

An explorer, creator, storyteller, and companion

Working with the Huma team, we created a strategy that could inform the evolution of the brand internally, and guide its execution externally. We helped the team outline their bold vision of a brave new world, and built a personality to match. It’s a compelling story against which the business can iterate and build; experimenting and exploring to make the vision a reality.

Clear skies ahead

Our color approach is inspired by meteorology, an apt metaphor for Huma’s work – helping people live life to the fullest. The combination of warm and cool gradient hues are a breath of fresh air which add a sense of calm to the brand and offer a refreshing change from competitors in the healthcare space.

People for people

To soften the digital experience we worked with Tokyo-based illustrator Yu Nagaba to develop some characterful illustrations capturing clinicians, patients, and their families. These figures appear throughout the app and digital experience, adding a sense of warmth, relatability, and optimism.

With thanks

With special thanks to Dan, Darius, Nikki, and the rest of the Huma team. Also thanks to Yu Nagaba, Gareth Hague, Patrick Harrison, Michael William Lester, and Christian Jánský.