Kikin: Backing better business


Introducing Kikin, an alternative to traditional financing that rewards businesses that are good for people and planet. We created a brand with humanity at its heart, a place that gives like-minded founders the access to information and funding usually saved for the biggest and baddest companies. Kikin knows that people and planet need to work together to create a better future.


Move together

At the core of every brand is a solid idea. For Kikin, this idea was ‘Move Together’. The logic: give good, get good back – Kikin backs better business, and a brighter future for people and planet. Real change comes when we band together to work towards a common goal.

The Kikin brand is built around the idea of harmony between people and planet, underpinned by a club-like visual language. We brought a sense of depth to the brand with a bespoke illustration style inspired by clubs that put the outdoors first and make you want to be a part of the community.


When it came to the digital experience, it was all about humanising the digital product and ensuring a joined up brand experience. To bring warmth to the otherwise cold world of finance we added moments of photography, animation and illustration whilst still maintaining the design rigour to work for graphs and charts within the UI. Our Kikin ‘K’ symbol in the wordmark becomes a character to reflect the people behind the businesses Kikin supports.

At the core of everything Kikin does is a karmic rhetoric that runs through their brand system – doing good should feel good too.