Meati: Good Energy


Meati is a delicious meat alternative derived from mycelium: a nutrient-rich mushroom root that makes you feel good about what you’re putting into your body. Through our conversations with the founders—scientists and environmentalists—Tyler and Justin, we were inspired to take Meati to a place of pure happiness. Together, we built a brand inspired by the idea of good energy, positioning Meati as radiating positivity, and a rallying cry for a healthy planet. We emphasized simple, joyful vibes for a product with deep roots in higher-level science and sustainability.

Positivity in everything

After an extensive character study, we landed on Mo, an abstracted representation of mycelium full of earthly qualities and a sunny disposition. The expressive face of Meati, Mo’s job is to radiate the good energy and positivity of the brand. Our playful motion identity is crafted at a lower frame rate—a hat-tip to classic timelapse videos of mushroom growth.

Typographic roots

When developing the brand, we were inspired by the characterful, expressive typestyles of the 70s. We worked with the creator of ‘Gooper’—our primary typeface—to create custom alternates to the existing flourishes, referencing mycelium’s organic tendrils.

Capturing the joy of eating

When looking at photography and art direction, we again turned to the 70s for our colors and flavors. Key themes: reflecting food positivity, deliciousness, and the love of sharing good meals with good people.

Thank you

Huge thanks to our Meati family—Tyler, Justin, Christina, Jon, Morgan, Lucas, the Meati design crew, and the team at FNDR for their good energy.