Meridian: Grooming for hair, anywhere


Meridian is challenging preconceived notions of haircare. Who it’s on, where it’s at, and how much of it is there. Want a trim? Here are the perfect tools. Want to let it grow? Then let it show. Hair is hair. We built a system that champions body positivity and inclusivity, owning the idea of revamping your routine and your relationship with hair—everywhere.

Image courtesy of meridian grooming
Custom Typography

Bare, Buzz, Bush.

We worked with type foundry, AllCaps to build a custom typeface expressing three distinct weights (or grooming preferences), Bare, Buzz, and Bush. When each weight is seen in line, the typeface speaks to body diversity and the growth process, emphasizing the uniqueness of our individual self-expression. Similarly, our graphic elements also utilize the Bare, Buzz, and Bush spectrum. The shapes act as a container for imagery, headlines, or as an abstract representation of hair–anywhere.

Bold and honest

Don’t hide your haircare.

We created a color palette as fluid as our grooming preferences, purposefully not building a primary and secondary palette, and instead crafting a series of color pairings that have an intense impact while maintaining contrast. Our art direction also emphasizes our bold take on the world of grooming and self-care. We show close-ups of hair on the body and bodies stretching to get into the optimum shaving position. Hair on the shower floor, or bush spilling out of a swimsuit—displayed next to confident, intimate portraits—promotes strong body positivity and inclusiveness.

A guiding pattern

Navigate your grooming.

Meridian lines have been used for navigation and exploration for centuries. We used this idea to inform the logo we crafted because A) the brand’s name, and B) because personal grooming is a way of navigating your own landscape in a way that’s entirely unique to you. Our graphic pattern is an extension of the symbol, representing both fluidity and growth

Thank you

Special thanks to Justine, Dylan, Ingrid, and our friends at AllCaps.