Misfits: your health covered, in chocolate.


Misfits doesn’t fit with other protein bars. Whether you’re on the go, or on the couch, they deliver on a list of health benefits—and actually taste good. We created a new look that raises the bar. A brand system jam-packed with plant-powered, sustainable, chewable energy, for a snacc choc-full of flavor. They’ll never not fit your lifestyle, and never not be delicious.

Get yourself a 12-pack.

Color me flavorful

In approaching color, we knew we’d have to define an extensive color story that could holistically apply to every flavor—now, and in the future. For an injection of energy, we started with cool-toned pops of color grounded with natural chocolate brown tones. The result is a flexible palette that emphasizes the bars’ delicious and inventive flavors.

Not not a tone of voice

We defined a tone of voice for Misfits that brings the almost contradictory nature of the bars to the fore. They’re for health and leisure. For workouts and for pleasure. It’s not a chocolate bar. But it’s not not a chocolate bar. By speaking to the lifestyle choices of people who love Misfits we’re able to differentiate it from others in the category, claiming stake in both the health and snack food spaces.

Indulgent art direction

Our typographic style is bold and indulgent, mixed with the specific soft gooeyness of GT Maru. We pair two slightly contradictory typefaces for headlines (Noi Grotesk / Brice), further emphasizing the non-conformist characteristics of the bars.

Our art direction mirrors the energy of the color palette, with backgrounds remaining simple and subjects being expressive, playful, and just a little bit quirky.

Image courtesy of Ventura/Foreman

Thank You

To Henry, Jacob, Richard, and the entire Misfits team.