Netflix: Tudum


Cinema uses a language of its own. Netflix approached us to inject some of that language graphically across their product experience and beyond. We evolved their previous system by connecting iconography, typography, and illustration to roots within the cinematic universe, referencing effects and techniques reminiscent of the film-making process—in a way that feels immediately Netflix.

New look, same Netflix

We steered clear of the over-saturated, over-done, one-dimensional approach to graphic language typical of the tech and streaming worlds by defining a style that speaks to film enthusiasts, and feels inherently Netflix while remaining true to their core values: pioneering, welcoming, and always stimulating.

Range of execution

With the different viewing experiences common to Netflix, we had to ensure that our iconography remained consistent across a range of ratios and lock-ups. Our typography also had to remain legible in functional applications, and flex to bold, cinematic title cards, genre-specific, or thematic comms.

Finding the through-line

Our new toolkit extends across typography and messaging, inviting users to engage with a variety of prompts, instilled with moments of joy. With unique visuals that guide them throughout the brand, we helped to create a more solidified, cohesive experience.

Thank you

Huge thanks to our Netflix crew. Amber, Justine, Martin, Noah and all involved at the Netflix design team. Big thanks to our wonderful collaborators Michael William Lester and Gica.