Onfido: Opening up the online world


Online identity verification has never been more important. From financial service companies to sharing economy giants, the need to quickly and safely verify users is critical to business success. But rather than position itself as a fearful gatekeeper, limiting access and building barriers, Onfido sides with hope. Its focus is on building technology that ends fraud and creates opportunity. We worked with the team to create a strategic and visual brand that upholds privacy and ensures people always stay in control of their data.

Minimising friction. Widening access.

Over 1,500 businesses across four continents currently benefit from Onfido’s technology. Their sheer breadth shows how online identity verification is becoming increasingly prevalent – everywhere from personal banking and car hire to airport security and online gaming. The logo is a simple visual representation of what lies at the heart of Onfido: human identity. It positively implies security whilst also feeling open and accessible. It’s a confident and dynamic symbol that acts as a sign-off wherever it appears.

Bringing identity to life

We worked with illustrator Nata Schepy and photographer Cat Garcia to bring a more human approach to identity. With Cat we built an extensive image library that works from more descriptive product experiences as well as emotional team and customer portraits. Nata helped us bring the complex nature of an individual’s digital identity to life. No photoshoot, however expansive, could deliver this key aspect of Onfido’s near invisible tech and service.

Thank you

The brand was created in close collaboration with Onfido’s founders, as well as Vincent and Chiara. Extra thanks to illustrator Nata Schepy and photographer Cat Garcia for their help in bringing this project to life.