Pleo: For forward-thinking teams everywhere


Pleo is one of Europe’s fastest growing fintech companies. At Koto we’ve been a customer of theirs for a while and we’ve experienced first hand an expense system that helps everyone make better decisions at work because, unlike their competitors, the team at Pleo don’t want to tell people how they ‘should’ work.

Power to your people

We built the brand around the idea of ‘power to your people’: an empowering, inclusive, and no nonsense position which reflects the belief that with Pleo everyone can work smarter and more autonomously, knowing that the support of the business is behind them. Pleo is the mark of a strong company culture, and a sign of trust – for everyone.

Smells like team spirit

We built out an art direction approach the Pleo team could execute themselves with ease. In a category dominated with over stylised imagery, we shifted the focus to the Pleo team and its customers. High flash photography with no retouching that’s warm and honest, and an illustration style with a distinct Nordic edge.

Danish design with attitude

We built a functional and honest identity system, inspired by Nordic design principles, with some joyful intervention in the form of an optimistic logo, an unorthodox tone of voice, and an evolution of the recognizable Pleo pink. The typeface Neue Haas Grotesk ties it all together with its ability to be loud and proud or more refined and simple. There is no doubt Pleo feels genuinely different from its competitors.

With thanks

To Luke, Pete, and the entire Pleo team.