Polkadot: Decentralized together


Polkadot is the decentralized network pioneering how blockchains are built, defining the way they operate together. Founded by Gavin Wood (one of the founders of Ethereum), it was built to solve the many challenges facing a Web3 future.

Joining forces with the Polkadot community, we set out to redefine the brand. We needed to build a brand the community could ultilize to deliver the vision of Web3 behind Polkadot. This led us to creating brand tools rather than strict guidelines. Exploring what could unite while allowing difference.

Pioneering Web3

Polkadot has no team. So, we worked with network stakeholders to build the brand. We kicked off the project by publishing our proposal on-chain, where the community shared their thoughts. After the council’s approval, the project received funding from the Polkadot treasury. From here, a team of curators was selected to act as our sounding board. Together we developed two creative routes, which were then voted on by the community, encouraging input but avoiding design by committee.

A brand built to evolve

Once a route was chosen, we refined the brand assets and created a symbol to represent the central part of the technology – the Relay Chain, used by Polkadot to offer its benefits of flexibility, interoperability and infinite upgrades. Joining forces with other Polkadot partners we took on creative assignments known as ‘Bounties’. These approved Bounties included a new typeface, now a Google font, graphic generators and an icon library for the community to make their own social posts, avatars and merchandise.

With thanks

Ignasi, Betty, Katy and Kaye curators from the Polkadot community. NaN, Patrick Hübner, Amandia Kuoch, Kévin Chassagne, Stephen Ong, Michael Tan and Nikki Strømsnes for collaborating with us.