Sedera: Not Insurance. Reassurance.


Sedera is, plain and simple, an alternative to traditional health insurance. It’s a medical cost sharing company where members share large, unexpected medical bills. When something happens — a surgery, accident, or emergency — the Sedera community funds kick in to help pay for what you need. It’s a new way for Americans to think about healthcare, so we approached this rebrand with clear intentions: to build a foundation of trust, heart, and community.

An open door

Our strategy’s core is reassurance, which inspired asymbol representing a new dawn of consumer choice and a fresh approach to healthcare. The color palette and illustration library reflect Sedera’s values while highlighting educational moments for prospective members.

With thanks

Jamie, Erika, Cathy, Alefiya, Heather and all of the teamat Sedera. Luis Mazon for the illustrations and ON for the digital build.