Skyscanner: A new dawn for the travel industry


Travel brands have got lost. Wacky advertising, same-same destination photos, product experiences that are hard to differentiate. As one of the originals, Skyscanner prided itself on product excellence, but was lagging on emotional resonance. We worked with them to build a brand leading the global transformation to modern and sustainable travel.

A symbol filled with meaning

The new symbol is a key step in Skyscanner’s brand evolution. It embodies the optimism of a sunrise, and positions Skyscanner as the catalyst for a new era of sustainable travel. We worked hard to create something with global appeal, which would be well-suited to a brand that gives travelers everywhere new ways to ethically and effortlessly explore the world.

Truly traveller first

At a time when tech companies are feeling pressure to keep diversifying their offering, there’s a rise in brands focused on doing one thing well. These brands thrive online with a maniacal focus on the customer experience. For Skyscanner, this meant using their traveler-first positioning to create an emotionally resonant brand layer on top of the fundamentals of their offer. The goal being to build a product that travellers need, want, and ultimately love.

More than just a mission

We’ve developed an identity which can stretch easily from calm and simple to energetic and loud, where every element is used sparingly and communicated clearly, but always with personality and impact. It’s a system that works for all Skyscanner’s diverse global audiences and across every touchpoint – from brand-building to price-led communications.

Illuminating every touchpoint

A brand shouldn’t stop at the splash screen. This identity brings life to digital and physical applications, creating compelling moments throughout the entire travel booking process, from search to experience.

With thanks

To Buzz, Bryan, Joanna, and the whole Skyscanner team.