Sock: Your first step into crypto


Crypto and web3 are often reserved for a closed few: cold and futuristic aesthetics being synonymous with the space. Sock disrupts this by creating a safe and secure app to buy and trade crypto. Where web3 natives and novices can access guidance, news, and every kind of crypto conversation.

Inspired by the playfulness in the name, we built a brand that was accessible, inviting, and warm—a trust-powered and community-driven product for everyone to be part of.

A top drawer mascot

The name Sock is a nod and a wink to the creative ways people store their money—by socking it away in the sock drawer. Our wordmark reflects this idea: sock-y forms filled with innate approachability. And with a name like Sock, who better to represent the brand than our friendly mascot, Toni.


In addition to Toni, we created a community of illustrations—characters that help to guide users through the product experience and world of web3. Paired with playful motion and tone, they bring the brand to life in an easy-to-understand, familiar way for anyone that wants to get involved in the future of finance.


Special thanks to Shin Hye Lee for the incredible illustrations, Rick Johanson, Brian Turley, Bryan Levine, Chris Titterton and the rest of the Sock team at