Sonos: Waking up the silent home


Our relationship with Sonos started with a single project — helping to launch the Sonos One — and quickly grew into a rich partnership where we touched many aspects of the brand, from product launches to core brand definition, and from product architecture to a digital redesign.

A speaker for how we live now

Building on Sonos’ commitment to wake up the silent home, we helped them position and launch their first smart soundbar, the Beam, as the center of modern, open plan life. It’s a speaker that gives young families the ability to come together and connect through TV, music, gaming, movies, and more.

Partnerships and special editions

Moving beyond the core brand, we created a flexible guidance system for collaborations and special editions, and utilized this new system by launching the HAY One collaboration – bringing this to life through packaging, key art, and launch assets.

With thanks

To Andrew Clark, Michael Leon, Allen Mask, and CATK.