Uber Eats: Fueling a world hungry for life


Uber Eats serves up fantastic restaurant options for customers, and easy-to-use tools for delivery people and restaurant owners. Our challenge was to create a strategic and visual identity that enables it to sit proudly alongside the Uber masterbrand, while standing out from other food delivery companies in the market.

A brand for full lives

Food moments bring us together. They invigorate, inspire, and keep us connected to our communities and the people we care about. We developed a strategic framework that captures this energy and emotion. Centred on the promise to ‘fuel a world hungry for life’, it celebrates Uber Eats’ unique ability to give people the energy and time to do more of what matters to them. Whether that’s gathering together, starting a side hustle, or growing a successful restaurant business.

Big, bold and full of emotion

Using the strategic framework we created a vibrant visual system that reflects the emotive and eclectic world of food. It’s a layered identity made up of textures that nod to stapled receipts and the tearing open of delivery bags stuffed full of food. At the same time it leaves room for the clean, monochromatic logo lockups which are a signature of the masterbrand system.

All the colors of the foodie rainbow

One major evolution was the introduction of a new and expanded color palette, born from the platform’s most popular dishes. Care was taken to reflect the full variety of global cuisines that appear on Uber Eats, in tones that provide a bold backdrop to the striking art direction style.

Enter the Connected Host

We also developed a clear new voice and tone to complement the visual identity and bring the brand strategy to life. This is the voice of the Connected Host — a personality that’s adept at connecting people and ensuring good times for all. It’s a voice that’s as comfortable sharing tips about local hotspots as it is describing a tasty new dish in all its glory. Plus it can also flex to speak to delivery people and restaurateurs in clear and helpful language that reflects their priorities.

The chance to celebrate real businesses

We were lucky enough to go on location to meet restaurant partners behind the platform and get an insight into their world. We filmed on location at The Donut Shop, a family-run business in Texas. By capturing a slice of their everyday lives we were able to showcase the Uber Eats business tools and how they support thriving businesses around the world.

A fully realized brand system

Once we’d created the new brand system the next job was to bring it to life. We applied it to the full range of all possible future applications to make sure it looks as good blown up on a billboard as it does in product, on social, and applied to uniforms. All of this was encapsulated in brand guidelines that give clear instructions on creating everything imaginable for the Uber Eats world.

Next stop: real life

We’ve been privileged to continue working with Uber Eats on a range of new projects: everything from social and CRM campaigns to restaurant partner marketing and more.

With thanks

Finally, we want to say a huge thanks to all our Eats family: Natalie, Shayla, DyShaun, Peter, Chris, and everyone in the Uber Eats design team. Plus the very talented photographer Justin Walker.