WhatsApp: Forward. Together.


WhatsApp is not a social media tool. It’s a secure, intimate product designed to give anyone—anywhere in the world—the ability to connect and enact change.

We partnered with WhatsApp to evolve their brand, developing a universal design system that further deepens the connection between product experience and marketing. Driven by the notion Forward. Together, we stayed true to the promise made to WhatsApp’s 2 billion+ users in providing an accessible, safe and robust communication tool—building on this foundation, giving space to explore the brand’s emotional landscape.

A product-led palette

We developed an extensive color palette that directly reflects the product. Different accents of the brand can be expressed across different touchpoints, from building equity in the WhatsApp green, to moments that reflect dark mode settings.

Modular wayfinding

Graphic modules housing messaging and content become flexible blocks for a broad range of storytelling. Inspired by 
the visual back and forth of communication, the dynamic layouts of our design system capture the essence and spirit of the WhatsApp experience.

A global utility

Simplicity, flexibility, and universality form the core of the brand. By connecting a global audience, both visually and verbally, this system represents the core of the WhatsApp experience: to effortlessly communicate—regardless of age, location, accessibility, bandwidth, or literacy.

Thank you

Huge thanks to our WhatsApp family and the team at Meta.
CX Brand Design: Veit Moeller, Aleksey Leybin, Angela Baek, Szeki Yang, James Anderson, Maya Shetty, Pavitra Pothpan, May Hartono, Zach Stubenvoll
CX Creative: Belen Marquez, Marla McCormick, Rod Moran
Marketing: Esh Ponnadurai , Vivian Odior, Renata De Carvalho Costa
Product Design: John Dasta, Sheta Chatterjee, Idit Yaniv