Microsoft: Reimagine Action


Software, hardware, and actively shaping the future of humanity – all in a day’s work for Microsoft. So when it came to developing their Sustainability Moment campaign, strategically scheduled to coincide with Earth Month 2024, we knew it would involve something game-changing.


That game-changer is AI. Working with the Microsoft Brand Studio and Strategy teams, we created an optimistic, upbeat campaign that showcases Microsoft’s sustainability commitments whilst infusing the narrative with the transformative potential of AI to shape a greener, brighter future.


To bring the creative vision to life, we enlisted the talents of French illustrator Alexis Jamet, known for his captivating illustrations that blend realism with imagination. Alexis’s unique illustrations evoke a sense of hope and progress, capturing the essence of Microsoft’s vision for a more sustainable and technologically driven future.


The illustration forms the centrepiece of the campaign, representing Microsoft’s commitments to carbon neutrality, reducing water usage, eliminating waste, and promoting biodiversity. The use of integrated UI elements further anchors the illustration to Microsoft’s sustainability commitments, and through the use of texture and colour we lean into the uplifting visual language of the world of AI, turning up the brightness and amplifying nature.


We opted for two type treatments within the overall system. The sans-serif is bold, impactful, and urgent, whilst the serif adds a layer of credibility. The colour palette is derived from the four sustainability pillars, with each pillar having its own distinct colour. Our art direction heroes the actual people on the ground affecting change, whilst the messaging radiates positivity and enthusiasm, illuminating real-world solutions.

Thank you

A special sustainability-infused shout out to Alexis Jamet for the illustrations, and Kaity, Sven, Aleksey, Patrick, Pia, Jooyeon, Ju Hyun, Phyllis, Pai, and the rest of the Microsoft Brand Studio and Strategy teams.