Microsoft: Unique Unites Us


As individuals, we all have uniqueness in common. And as technology becomes increasingly embedded into our lives, it’s imperative it should reflect our collective diversity. Embodying this belief, Microsoft is one of the world’s biggest advocates for – and designers of – accessible technology. To coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day and month, they asked us to create a campaign toolkit to showcase how Microsoft is using AI to revolutionise access to technology, making it faster, easier, and more inclusive for everyone.


Taking inspiration from the natural world, we explored the concept of personalization through organic, botanical forms combined in distinctive arrangements. These shapes symbolise the way individuals can tailor products and features to make their use feel intuitive and natural, depicting an optimistic, uplifting interpretation of customisation and adaptability.


We partnered with two iconic 2D and 3D illustrators, Miléna Bucholz and Lisa Odette, to create an illustration that captures the spirit of inclusivity and diversity. The flowers symbolise continuous growth and the supportive environment necessary to cultivate progress and understanding. Each element intertwines to visually represent a harmonious and thriving community built on a foundation of compassion and acceptance.


A combination of infographics, buttons, cards, and other UI elements help to incorporate tangible, feature-specific benefits into the illustration, bringing a level of sophistication and practicality to the system. Naturally, all colours and typography were carefully selected to meet accessibility guidelines. 


Our messaging is uplifting and inspiring, using consciously inclusive language that embraces and celebrates individuality. We highlight real-world stories that demonstrate the transformative role that accessible technology can play in enabling self-expression and personal growth, as well as incorporating compelling data on accessibility to further reinforce its importance. 

Thank you

A special thanks to our accessibility champions at Microsoft: Kaity, Sven, Aleksey, Patrick, Pia, Jooyeon, Ju Hyun, Phyllis, and the rest of the Microsoft Brand Studio and Strategy teams. A heartfelt thank you to A Human Agency, Milena Bucholz and Lisa Odette for their fantastic illustration work.